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The publishers of “Puner vs. Snow”, Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division, while wishing that everybody enjoy “Puner vs. Snow”, understand that not everybody will appreciate each strip ever created. While we use our best judgement before publishing each strip to keep any problems from arising, there will always be a small portion of our audience that will find certain strips are in bad taste.

The authors of “Puner vs. Snow”, as well as Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division, take no responsibility for those strips that may offend readers. As stated before, this is an issue that, despite all good efforts, will happen eventually. If you are a regular reader and only one strip offends you, we ask that you please return to read the next strip and continue reading — we hope that you can continue to enjoy the strip.

If, however, you are not a regular reader, and a strip, or the entire premise of the strip offends you, please find a comic strip that suit your views. Since you do not read the strip regularly, you are unaware of the diversity of our comic strip. We refuse to change what our regular readers expect and enjoy to appease those who have little or no knowledge of our strips and our humor. We are sure that if you approach our comic strip open-mindedly that you would appreciate our comic strip’s diversity — however, we do not expect you to change your beliefs to appease us. But, please remember, that we make no apologies for what is presented.

Copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division. All rights reserved. The Puner vs. Snow Logo, copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division. All comic strips, pictures, and other “Puner vs. Snow” items, copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division, unless otherwise noted.

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