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(Effective 1 January, 2011; Last Changed 1 January, 2011)

Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division takes your privacy very seriously. To show our commitment to privacy, we have created this privacy policy to outline the types of information collected, how it is used, and how it is stored.

Information we Collect About You

The Official “Puner vs. Snow” Website collects only the information you wish to share with us. In most cases, this information is provided to us by typing the information into a web form, which is then submitted and processed by us. This information is nothing more than your e-Mail address; your name, if you choose to provide one; and your salutation, if you choose to provide one. The only personally identifying information collected by Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division is your e-Mail address and your name, if you choose to provide us with them.

If you choose to e-Mail us, either using the Contact Form or directly at copyright [at] punervssnow [dot] com (for copyright enquiries), we will obtain your e-Mail address, and, if provided, your name. That is a necessity in the system that we cannot avoid.

Information we DO NOT Collect

Unlike most websites on the internet these days, we DO NOT set nor collect a piece of information known as cookies. Cookies are used in various ways, including surreptitiously tracing a user’s path through a website, or remembering pages the user has visited. It ultimately helps to personalize the user’s experience. These cookies can only be used by the website that set it, however, and pose no security threat.

Additionally, we do not collect any personally identifying information apart from that listed above, under “Information we Collect About You”.

What We Do With Your Information

Information provided to us using the web form will be used as stated on that form — and no other way. This may include adding your name to a database of subscribers. Please see our e-Mail policy for more information.

If we collect your information through e-Mail communication, either through our Contact Form or our copyright e-Mail address, we will use that information to return your e-Mail.

In either case, when we are finished with your information, or you ask specifically by unsubscribing, we will destroy all instances of your personal information. This includes any back-ups made that contain your information (only your information, not the entire back-up).

How We Store Your Information

Your data is stored in a password protected database. As the information is processed, it is run through a custom programmed routine to store the information. We regularly check for any irregularities in both the database and the storage routine.

If a message is e-Mailled to us, the message is stored on the server as well as one (1) office computer. After the correspondence is completed, the messages are deleted, unless required by law, to be saved. Company policy states that all e-Mail messages regarding copyright permissions, either approved or not, are printed and saved in a folder for future reference.

Extraordinary Circumstances Regarding Your Information

In the event of extraordinary circumstances, we will always contact you in regard to your information at the e-Mail address on file. If no timely response is received, the information will be dealt with at our best judgement.

In the event of a federal or police investigation, we will act co-operatively with the authorities. This may involve the handover of personal information without prior approval.

What to do If You Wish to Remove Your Information

If you have subscribed to our e-Mail list and wish to remove your information from our servers, you simply have to unsubscribe from the list. That will be sufficient to remove your name from the subscriber database.

If you have corresponded through e-Mail, once the correspondence has ended, we will delete your information. You may also send an e-Mail asking for this deletion.

If you have requested copyright permission and been approved, you MUST terminate the agreement through post or e-Mail and specifically request that your information be destroyed. If you were not approved for copyright permission, you must notify us through post or e-Mail that you wish your information to be destroyed.

What to do If You Have Questions

We welcome questions and comments regarding this Privacy Policy. Please contact us through our Contact Form (the subject is already “Privacy”).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy without notification to you. Please review this policy periodically, we are not responsible for issues that may arise for ignorance regarding this policy.

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