Puner vs. Snow Dashboard Widget

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The Puner vs. Snow Dashboard widget, for Mac OS X v. 10.4 or later, allows you to view the most recent “Puner vs. Snow” comic strip. Currently on version 1.0, the widget features a user-friendly layout in which the recent comic strip is in the center of the widget. The strip is taken from the RSS file that is available to view on the website.

Universal Binary (Works on both PPC and Intel
Works on Macs running OS X version 10.4
or later (including Leopard)
Easy to understand interface that shows
the comic and on which day it was published
Uses the existing RSS feed on the website
Automatically updates

To download, click the download link that says “Mac OS X”. The download should start. If a box appears that asks what you wish to do with the download, click the option that saves the item to the Hard Disk (save it to the location you save all your downloads). If a dialogue box appears asking for download confirmation, click on “Download”. After the item downloads, navigate to the location to which it downloaded, and if it has not been done already, un-zip the file. After the file is un-zipped, double click on the widget “ComicViewer” to load it into Dashboard.

Screenshot of the widget, as seen on Mac OS X v. 10.5. Copyright 2008, Corey and Kyle Gottfried.

This widget is only available for Apple’s Macintosh operating system (OS X v. 10.4 or later).

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