Test Version of New Puner vs. Snow Website Launched

INDIANAPOLIS (18 May 2014) – The Puner vs. Snow technical team have been hard at work on a new version of the Official Puner vs. Snow Website and today have launched a test version of the new Puner vs. Snow website. Those interested in seeing the future of the Official Puner vs. Snow Website are welcome to visit the new website.

The new version of the website is not yet complete, and there are some elements that, for technical reasons, will not work until the website is launched officially. The introduction page when visiting the test version of the new website will inform visitors of known issues and features that are not yet fully functional. However, visitors are encouraged to look over the website and to provide feedback on the new website, using the contact form on the current website.

The test version of the website will remain available until the end of June. Depending upon the success of the current test version and the amount of issues needing to be resolved as a result of the test, the new website will be officially launched near the start of July.


Mixing ordinary life events, including sports, shopping, and celebrations with extraordinary events, Puner vs. Snow amusingly shows the joys and trials of friendship. The creation of Corey and Kyle Gottfried’s collective genius, Puner vs. Snow uses the lives of egotistical, dull-witted Puner; laid-back, intelligent Snow; armless, energetic Flurrie; and quiet, sage-like Snowy, to mock the daily grind of life, recreation, and even the comic strip, with youthful exuberance.

Puner Enterprises is a company founded in January 2011 and is responsible for the propogation of Puner vs. Snow.

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