Date First Appeared in Strip: 10 January, 2011
Role: Star
Friends: Soda and Diet, German Bear
Enemies: Snow, Snowy, Flurrie (Major Enemies); Super Bear (Minor Rival)
Common Sayings: “Heee!”, “Beee!”, “I’m a Puner!”, “It’s Hair!”
Pronunciation: POO-ner
Puner is the egotistical, self-centered, moronic character in the strip. He is constantly at war with Snow, but Snow constantly is the intellectual superior of Puner. Puner likes to think he is smart, tall, and perfect, but Snow is adept at finding ways to thwart Puner’s attempts to flaunt such qualities.

In addition, Puner is not a big fan of bears, except for the soda-drinking Polar Bears, which he calls “Polars”, and a Germanic bear, whom Puner thinks is just a person. Puner tries to speak German to the German Bear, but ends up completely destroying the language. German is not the only language Puner likes to attempt to speak, either. He also screws up French, Spanish, and Italian, amongst others.

Finally, Puner likes to claim he is the President of his home country, Punerland. However, he has never been seen doing presidential work. Also, he likes to believe that all Puners are superior to humans and snowmen, by claiming that they invented many things long before humans “stole the Puners’ ideas”.

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