Date First Appeared in Strip: 10 January, 2011
Role: Star
Friends: All Other Characters, except Puner
Enemy: Puner
Snow is the even-tempered and analytical character in the series. Unlike his counterpart, Puner, he is never rash, and makes his decisions wisely. He is friends with all the other characters in the strip, except Puner. He is generally more intelligent than Puner; however he rarely shows Puner by mocking him, Snow lets both his actions and those of Puner prove to Puner that Snow is smarter.

Snow is able to work closely with his friends, especially Flurrie and Snowy, in his attempts to baffle Puner. The friends really enjoy working with Snow, as Puner usually makes fun of, and enjoys fighting with, them. The only characters who do not work with Snow are the soda-drinking Polar Bears, as they are also friends with Puner.

Finally, while Snow is inherently laid-back, he can usually engage in verbal or intellectual wars with Puner, in an attempt to prove his intellectual superiority. He is rarely violent or obscene, and occasionally uses subtle humor to make his point.

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