“Puner vs. Snow” RSS Feed

The “Puner vs. Snow” RSS feed is a quick and easy way to receive the comic strips the minute they are published. The feed utilizes RSS (see below for a brief description) to deliver the comic strip to your preferred RSS Feed Reader (again, see below). If you wish to skip all the technical information and just get the feed click here.

A Brief Overview of RSS

RSS is an acronym, which, like many other acronyms on the World Wide Web, has no clear meaning. Depending upon to whom you speak, it can mean anything from “Really Simple Syndication” to “RDF Site Summary” (oh no — not another acronym!). (Personally, we prefer the meaning “Read Some (Comic) Strips”!) Anyway, what it means is not important — what it does is more important.

Through updates to a file, RSS (with any acronym) allows a website (such as The Official “Puner vs. Snow” Website) to send information to a user's computer (such as your computer) regarding updates to the website. These updates can be anything from news stories, to videos, to comic strips. A news reader then checks periodically (say every 5 minutes, an hour, etc.) for updates. When an update is found, the news reader automatically downloads the update.

In short, RSS is similar to e-Mail for website updates.
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List of News Readers

A news reader is an application or web-based interface for reading RSS feeds. Some popular web browsers also include feed readers. Below is a list (by no means authoritative) of readers, listed by Operating System:
For Linux:
For Macintosh:
Apple Mail (e-Mail program)
Safari (Web Browser)
For Windows:
Blog Navigator
Feed Reader
RSS Reader
Sharp Reader
For Multiple Operating Systems:
Bottom Feeder

This list contains free RSS Readers. Also, this list is not exhaustive. For more RSS readers, or information, search the web for RSS or RSS Readers using your favorite search engine.

Notice: Just because a particular application/service is listed on this website does not mean that it is endorsed by, nor affiliated with, The Official “Puner vs. Snow” Website. Your use of the listed software is at your own risk, we do not take responsibility for any damage caused by the use of these products. All information correct as of 10 January, 2011.
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All this sounds great, but how do I get the feed?

If you are using a web browser that can also read RSS feeds, the feed can by retrieved by using this link: “Puner vs. Snow” RSS Feed. If you are not, copy this link into your favorite feed reader: feed://www.punervssnow.com/rss/puner_vs_snow-strip.xml

Now all you have to do is open your feed reader and enjoy the comic strips. Thank you for reading “Puner vs. Snow”.
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A little fine print

This RSS feed is free for personal, non-commercial usage only. This feed is not to be used on any website, be it personal, not-for-profit, commercial, etc. This is so the accessing of the feed by websites will not slow down the experience for our private users. The authors of “Puner vs. Snow” however, wish to encourage the syndication of the comic strip, which is why the Syndication page has been set-up. To publish “Puner vs. Snow” comic strips on your website, please view that page. Thank you for understanding.

Copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division. All rights reserved. The Puner vs. Snow Logo, copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division. All comic strips, pictures, and other “Puner vs. Snow” items, copyright © 2011-2021 Puner Enterprises, LLC -- Comic Syndication Division, unless otherwise noted.

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